Star Win Aluminium Windows & Doors

As the largest integrated aluminium manufacturer in Indonesia, PT. Starmas Inti Aluminium Industry (Alexindo Group) has developed aluminium profile products as finished good namely “Starwin”.

Starwin especially designed for residential project application which suit for tropical climate with modern architectural aspect , minimalist and futururistic.

Top Hung / Side Hung / Casement Window

Starwin has a bigger and wider profiles comparing to other products, they look very strong in performance. Locking window system using multi point lock to ensure that the windows locked tightly, water leak proof and more sound proof.

Sliding Window

Starwin Sliding Window system equipped with nylon roller to make it slide smoothly and quietly

Sliding Doors

Starwin sliding door equipped with international standard accessories such as Luxurious Lockset Handle and Nylon roller to make the door slide smoothly.

This sliding door use small space and more efficient in interior design

Swing Doors

Starwin swing door applies a bigger and wider frame profile to make it looks stronger and has various range types of lockset option.

Butt Hinges made by SS304 Stainless steel, rust free an d supported by backplate as reinforcement.


Bigger and wider outer-inner frame
• To support structure strength
• Strong Performance

Joint Corner
Using clamping machine to joint 45º cutting size to make the joint more tightly and tidy

Drainage System
To avoid water pooling and water leaking

Thicker Profile
To avoid deformation and to support the structure in unitize system

Butyl Sealer
To seal the metal gap after joint and to avoid water leaking

Rubber Gasket and Air Tightness Material
• To prevent water leaking and odor problem outside
• To give sound insulation
• Able to be applied with single or double glazing


Starwin Aluminium Door and Window is an architectural products which especially made and designed by high quality aluminium with very strict supervision in quality control and equipped with high quality accessories.
Starwin series is an reliable architectural product to make your home comfortable, and luxurious also able to resist any weather condition.

  1. Termite Free
  2. No deformation in climate change
  3. Water resistance
  4. Maintenance Free
  5. Warranty for Accessories